Stem Cells


The increasing awareness among individuals on the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle  has resulted in the proliferation of health food supplements on an unprecedented scale globally. This has created a multi-billion dollar industry catering to the needs of millions of health conscious consumers worldwide. While the prevailing trend in the types of health food supplements has undergone significant changes over the last few decades, many consumers are still being offered the same products and are consequently deprived of the improved benefits accorded by the latest supplements. We at Eryn Signature firmly believe that our consumers deserve the best products backed by the latest research from world renowned health laboratories. Our innovative plant-based stem cell extract supplements represent the latest approach in helping our valued consumers attain optimal health status.

What Are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are cells which are capable of duplicating itself as well as differentiating and replacing dead and damaged cells. Embryonic stem cells are responsible for forming human organ stem cells and the placenta in the womb during development while adult stem cells are tasked with replacing worn out organ cells from birth onwards.

The Role Of Stem Cells In Health.
The reduction in the normal functioning of adult stem cells due to eating habits and lifestyle factors can adversely affect organ functions, leading to an increased risk of chronic ailments. It has been established that one way of combating chronological aging and restoring normal organ function is to rejuvenate adult stem cells through administration of stem cell extracts from external sources.

Stem Cells In The Beauty Industry And In The Treatment Of Chronic Ailments.
Stem cells were initially used in the beauty industry due to their phenomenal ability to restore the skin’s youthful appearance by enhancing its texture and reducing unsightly age-related wrinkles. Stem cells commonly employed in beauty therapies and subsequently in the treatment of chronic ailments are mainly obtained from human and animal sources. This has raised concerns, especially amongst Muslim users, pertaining to ethical issues, suitability and the halal status of the respective sources.

The Benefits of Plant Based Stem Cell Extract.
Scientific research by health experts has shown that the stem cell extract from a particular species of Swiss apple is capable of protecting and rejuvenating adult stem cells affected by the aging process and lifestyle factors. It is generally accepted that plant stem cells are more robust than their human or animal counterparts due to their longer life spans despite having to withstand climactic extremes and incessant attacks from pests.
Stem cell extract based supplements have been shown to improve health by rejuvenating the body’s stem cells’ natural healing abilities. While numerous such products are currently made using stem cell extracts obtained from animal placenta, our products contain a synergistic combination of plant based stem cell extracts, namely from the Swiss Apple (Uttwiler Spatlauber) and from the Greengage Plum. In addition to being more potent, they also appeal to customers who may object to the use of animal sourced ingredients due to religious or other reasons. Now Muslim users have access to an effective plant stem cell extract which is not only halal but also more affordable compared to injected human or animal based stem cells.

The World’s First Supplement With Synergistic High Absorption Formulation Technology.
Ozone, being a substance made up of three oxygen molecules, is able to eliminate microorganisms and is used commercially in water purification treatments, to help break down toxic waste and to preserve stored food. When used in autohaemotherapy, ozone exhibits a strong germicidal effect, assists in the delivery of oxygen to hypoxic tissues and activates the immune system.
As a result of our pioneering use of ozone to increase the systemic absorption and bioavailability of active ingredients using our proprietary Synergistic High Absorption Formulation Technology, our range of innovative healthcare products are designed to provide a high degree of cost effectiveness and superior efficacy.

How Do Our Supplements Help In Maintaining Health?
In healthy individuals, the normal functioning of all organs and body systems enables all vital physiological parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar level, hormonal levels and enzyme levels to be maintained in the required equilibrium. In order to function normally, our organs and body systems rely on the activity of healthy stem cells to ensure the presence of sufficient healthy cells which make up the various organs and systems.
It is thus clear that the decline in the body’s stem cell function due to constant exposure to environmental pollutants can eventually cause a corresponding reduction in the number of healthy cells and lead to the development of diseases as a result of the impairment of organ functions.
Our range of supplements has been designed to help in maintaining health by ensuring the optimal functioning of our organs by restoring the activity of the body’s stem cells. This is our approach in addressing chronic health issues like hypertension, diabetes, gout, heart problems and various neoplastic conditions.