A Word From The Good Doctor

The story of Primadona Worldwide began in April 2010, when Dato’ Dr Hajah Sarimah Ahmad, a well- known celebrity of the Malaysian film industry, was told that her recently diagnosed stage 4 cancer of the brain and nose meant that she had only 3 months to live. Despite the grave prognosis, she refused all conventional cancer treatment options and opted instead for natural plant based treatment modalities. Her decision was vindicated when 4 months after commencing a grueling Amygdalin or B17 based supplement therapy, she managed to perform the umrah in Saudi Arabia. Upon her return to Malaysia, she began taking additional plant based stem cell extract supplements to bolster her health and wondered if there was a way for her to share her natural healing methods with those unfortunate enough to be similarly afflicted with cancer.

As fate would have it, I had lost my dear mother to cervical cancer and had resolved to seek out alternative means of effectively addressing this most dire of afflictions. My years of medical training and hospital work both overseas and in local healthcare establishments did very little to convince me of the efficacy of mainstream cancer treatment options or even the rationale of administering them to cancer patients, especially when faced with such dismal remission rates made worse by a decline in the patients’ quality of life. I had to find out a better way of dealing with this notoriously aggressive disease which is affecting an increasing number of people across the globe.

It was late in 2011 that a mutual acquaintance had brought me together with the inimitable Dato’ Dr Hajah Sarimah Ahmad and Mr Musharuddin Mohd ; an experienced businessman with a string of successful network-based regional business ventures in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Little did any of us realize, at the time, that it was to be the start of a long term business relationship that would see the development of the world’s first Ozone Fortified Synergistic Stem Cell Technology.

To cut a long story short, we decided to set up Primadona Worldwide Sdn Bhd to produce and market a new range of plant based stem cell extract supplements using our proprietary high absorption formulation. Based on Dato’ Dr Hajah Sarimah Ahmad’s experience in cancer recovery using Amygdalin or B17 and stem cell based supplements, I came up with our first product ; Sari AgeGard. But instead of using Amygdalin only from Apricot seeds, it also contains Amygdalin obtained from Grape seeds and from Prunes. And it has a synergistic combination of the Swiss Apple stem cell extract and that of the Greengage Plum to help maintain an effective population of healthy body cells by restoring the normal regenerative function of our own stem cells. And all this, in a supplement made using a novel manufacturing technique offering high bioavailability by achieving an unprecedented degree of absorption.

Having started with the intention of coming up with a better way of dealing with cancer, many of the other ingredients that I have carefully selected to be used in Sari AgeGard have been extensively researched and found to possess various anti-cancer properties. I certainly felt that my efforts were vindicated when reports of improvements from cancer patients who had taken Sari AgeGard started to reach me within the first few months of introducing the supplement to the market. Within a year, there were tens of cancer patients who had benefited from using Sari AgeGard and by the end of the second year this number had reached into the hundreds.

What came as a pleasant surprise to me was the fact that positive feedback came not only from cancer sufferers but also from individuals with various chronic ailments like diabetes, stroke, hypertension, gout, arthritis and asthma. I believe that these positive outcomes can be attributed to the restoration of normal organ functioning by the reactivation of the body’s stem cells. Following the success of Sari AgeGard, we have introduced four more supplements, namely Sari StemShape which is designed to burn excess visceral fat and to reduce fat absorption, Sari StemSerum, which is created to enhance the skin’s ability to retain its function and youthful appearance and Sari StemSeñor and Sari StemSeñorita which have been produced to maintain men’s and women’s health respectively by restoring the natural state of hormonal balance, increasing energy levels and enhancing the immune system.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to widen my horizons by discovering better ways of addressing common health problems through the use of natural substances and I hope to assist more people around the world lead healthier and more productive lives. As a trained medical professional, I frequently get asked as to the reason why I am no longer practising conventional medicine. Perhaps there is no more need for one to ‘practise’ if one feels that one has finally got it right.

Dr Mohd Nizar Zakaria. MBBS (Adelaide)
Kota Damansara, Malaysia May 201